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VIRACOCHA ONYA MARKS wins Best Puppy in Breed and Hound Puppy Group 1 under Breed judge Steve Jepson & Group Judge Mary Deats
Proud owner x
Inca BOB and Group 3 under Lesley Trow at Herts & Essex
Candy BOB under Dianne Reid, and Group 4 under Breed Specialist Marion Hunt at City of Cambridge





Inca had a great start to her show career, winning Best Puppy in Breed under Gavin Robertson in Belfast Championship Show, her very first show.

Since then she has done well in Open shows but the show lifestyle didn't appeal to her.  Luckily for our little Inca, we had a fantastic home waiting for a puppy, and as we kept our little singleton Copper, they were delighted to welcome Inca into their family.  It was better all round as they currently have a beagle boy Baxter, and Inca has settled in very well and they absolutely adore her.

There is a big gap here at home without her but it's better for her as she makes a fantastic pet.  She will get lots of love and attention and will be better for her rather than staying behind at home while we attend shows.  After 2 weeks she was in their dishwasher, cleaning the plates, Inca style, and running off lead with her new buddy Baxter.  We are so fortunate to have found her the perfect home and I always look forward to her updates and photos. 

 4.5 months

15 Weeks

 7 weeks

6 weeks


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