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VIRACOCHA ONYA MARKS wins Best Puppy in Breed and Hound Puppy Group 1 under Breed judge Steve Jepson & Group Judge Mary Deats
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Inca BOB and Group 3 under Lesley Trow at Herts & Essex
Candy BOB under Dianne Reid, and Group 4 under Breed Specialist Marion Hunt at City of Cambridge

Viracocha One Chance aka Copper

Goldbelles Snowy At Viracocha X Fallowfield Fizz At Viracocha

Our latest addition arrived on 1st November.  We knew to expect a singleton and are delighted with our Tan & White boy.  He was as expected lovely and chunky, and has been doing very well with his parents, half brother Inti and Keely the Chihuahua.

To anybody that knows the sire, he has his little boy named aptly after him, and the One because he was a singleton.  My sister and nephew came up with the name Copper quite some time ago but it didn't suit the others, however, it is suiting this little chap very well.

I cannot wait to see how Chance's boy turns out, I can only hope I have as many proud, fun moments with Copper than I have with Chance (Without the running off though).

Already he has shown so much character, and due to being a singleton, I've had to make extra effort to ensure he is well socialised and put with the right dogs at home who will teach him crucial lessons without being to hard on him.  He has made lovely friends with my friends Weimaraner puppy Ruby, and has been playing with her since he was 7 weeks old.  He has also been allowed into a private field with all our dogs and the Weimaraners to learn how to play.  Normally they wouldn't be out so early but the risk of poor socialisation and experiences was far greater.

He is a great addition to the pack, and has the sweetest nature. 

Copper stacked at 5 weeks old









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