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VIRACOCHA ONYA MARKS wins Best Puppy in Breed and Hound Puppy Group 1 under Breed judge Steve Jepson & Group Judge Mary Deats
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Inca BOB and Group 3 under Lesley Trow at Herts & Essex
Candy BOB under Dianne Reid, and Group 4 under Breed Specialist Marion Hunt at City of Cambridge


Goldbelles Snowy at Viracocha (Chance)

DoB 17.04.08

Annavah Taurus x Goldbelles Molly




Chance is our first Beagle.  Boy oh boy, what a first beagle to have to.  Such an athletic body and masculine head, he is a powerful, handsome dog.  He is also so soft natured, gentle and loving. My best friend.


Chance was enrolled at obedience classes, which he did for 12 months.  He was great!  A role model Beagle, recalled perfectly (after a while), walked to heel, passed his exam with distinction!  Trouble was, he left his great behaviour in the class, and yanked me all the way home.  My partner and I learned quickly, we had to, as to how clever this particular Beagle was, opening cupboards, his agility is astonishing, hopping over baby gates effortlessly, sneaked your precious socks, slippers, bras, you name it, through the dog flap and into the muddy garden, then stood with those soft brown gentle eyes and soft expression, wagging his tail and his entire hind quarters.





Walking used to be a nightmare, he's so strong and will quite easily pull you over, especially when it's a little icy, we've learned that head collars, much like those darned by a horse works a treat, Chance has a lovely leather halti which is my best buy.  Over the park/woods Chance is great, open up the boot and watch him run. He loves chasing the squirrels and I love watching him.  I still always sigh with relief when he comes back at the end of the walk.  Something I feel I will never quite get over with him as he's such a scent orientated hound, not like our Bella.... just food, food, food.



Chance has his favourite past times, these involve sleeping, learning new tricks, escaping (although we've now exhausted every weak fence panel), playing with every possible dog seen on a walk, thieving balls/toys from

dogs in the park then running off with them for a chase me game. Groaning when getting comfortable, sounding just like an old man getting cosy in his slippers.



Chance is a true ‘Showman’ and we are extremely proud of what he has achieved so far.  He never lets me down in the ring, and is always well behaved; he is a pleasure to show. He has now gained his Studbook number so he is qualified for Crufts for life.  He is also MLS clear. His debut performance at Working are also something a Beagle owner can only dream about.  He's a gem, and a complete mums boy! 



Download his pedigree below...


Goldbelles Snowy click  Pedigree







 Photo by Sam Dawson






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