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VIRACOCHA ONYA MARKS wins Best Puppy in Breed and Hound Puppy Group 1 under Breed judge Steve Jepson & Group Judge Mary Deats
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Inca BOB and Group 3 under Lesley Trow at Herts & Essex
Candy BOB under Dianne Reid, and Group 4 under Breed Specialist Marion Hunt at City of Cambridge


Fallowfield Fizz at Viracocha (Bella)

D.o.B 19.04.2009

CH. Fallowfield Douglas X Fallowfield Density



Often referred to as ‘Hells Bells’……


Bella is our 2nd beagle, stunning tri-coloured bitch, with a great build, balance and the most adorable beagle head. 




She has settled into our little pack very well and comes with her quirky personality.  She is gentle, well natured and loves a cuddle.  Bella idolises Chance, and the pair are inseparable. She is a born bossy boots and hen pecks our poor Chance.


One thing that is great for us about Bella is that you can let her off anywhere.  She will not run off, not if you call her back.  She's always worried she'll miss out on a treat so stays in ear shot on each walk. 










Hells Bells’ favourite past times are sleeping which includes snoring, eating everything, rolling in fox poo on every walk, playing and rather irritating the Chihuahua Keely and winding up the cat.


Starting her show career, by the age of 10 months Bella already has 6 Best Puppy, 6 Puppy Hound Group placings and a Reserve Best Puppy in Show.  See the results page for more details. 


Bella has done very well in the early start to her show career, and now has gone into semi retirement and had her first litter.  And what beautiful puppies she has produced.  Inca and Inti. Bella is MLS clear. 


You can download Bella's pedigree below...... and click on the photos to open in a new window.



Fallowfield Fizz click pedigree










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