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VIRACOCHA ONYA MARKS wins Best Puppy in Breed and Hound Puppy Group 1 under Breed judge Steve Jepson & Group Judge Mary Deats
Proud owner x
Inca BOB and Group 3 under Lesley Trow at Herts & Essex
Candy BOB under Dianne Reid, and Group 4 under Breed Specialist Marion Hunt at City of Cambridge


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Message By : Lemoncroft Beagles
Date : 5th January 2014
Message : Hi Charlotte,

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year and say thank you for all your help during the last year. We hope 2014 is a great success for you with the Beagles and now the Pointer too!!! See you at a show soon and all the best in the coming year!!!

Sandra, David, Holmes, Watson, Tequila & Saffron.
Message By : Helen Davies
Date : 10th March 2013
Message : Hi there. Looking at your website from Perth, Australia.

Love love love Beagles!!! Good Luck!
Message By : Belinda Castle
Date : 8th November 2012
Message : Great website Charlotte ;-)
Message By : louise edelman
Date : 14th March 2012
Message : hi, just been in contact with our beagle,Cassie's[Shila], breeder ,Paula Farrelly . Cassie is from the same litter as Snowy. We are thrilled to hear of his success at Crufts this year. cassie is doing very well at agility, altho she is held back by her slow owner I'm afraid !! I cannot get over the likeness between Cassie and the beagle featured at the top of your website!! Its the same dog !! Would love to have contact ,our email is . Are you in contact with any of the rest of Snowy's litter ? Hopefully ,hear back from you ! Louise
Message By : Linda Player
Date : 12th March 2012
Message : Hi Charlotte

Congratulations on the fantastic results at Crufts yesterday, love the photo of Chance on your HP & looking forward to seeing more pis.
See you in a couple of weeks.


We didn't show Anna yseterday as she is in whelp
Message By : Carlos Chirino- Argentina
Date : 2nd February 2012
Message : Hello I am also breeder in Argentina, beautiful your beagles.
I would like to buy some copies in 13 inches.
Message By : Lyndex Beagles
Date : 4th September 2011
Message : Hi Charlotte
Good luck in Belfast hun it's the pups first show isn't it?
Message By : Keely
Date : 5th July 2011
Message : Love the website! the bit about Chance grumbling when he gets comfortable is something Bumble does all the time!!! and I didn't know you had a chihuahua called Keely!!! xxx
Message By : sara
Date : 31st March 2011
Message : hi,charlotte and jimmy
congratulations on the new additions,5 dogs!!! they are adorable and im sure will keep you busy! lol,im here to help anytime you need it.
Message By : Lyndex Beagles
Date : 30th March 2011
Message : "Wow" I have had a look at your nursery page Charlotte & I must say the pups are gorgeous & growing well.
Your doing a great job with them, look forward to seeing more photos as they grow xx
Message By : Jane May
Date : 29th March 2011
Message : What scrumpy pups - they are soooooo cute. Many congratulations to the 3 of you (oh, and Dad) on their arrival into this wierd and wonderful world we all live in!! xx
Message By : Linda (Lyndex Beagles)
Date : 8th February 2011
Message : I must say Cahrlotte I really love your updated website it's looking really fab with lots of great photos xxx
Message By : Lovely website
Date : 17th January 2011
Message : I have loved looking through your gallery tonight. My old beagles was put to sleep this morning (he was almost 16). Although he was a rescue beagle, we knew that his kennel name was Brueacre Bombers Bequest. Chance shares so many similarities, although his colouring is a bit different he has the exact same head, face and soft mouth. I hope you have as many wonderful times with Chance and your other beagles as I have had with mine. Diane x
Message By : Paula Farrelly
Date : 28th December 2010
Message : This is great love the photos.Well done you have done a really great job of Chance he looks really great.
Message By : jamed cousins
Date : 2nd November 2010
Message : Hey my beautiful wife x x

Love the site and so very proud of you
Message By : Linda Player
Date : 26th October 2010
Message : Hi Charlotte
I'm loving your new website & can't wait till ours goes live.
Thx for all your help.
Message By : Beryl Ayres
Date : 7th October 2010
Message : Well done for last Saturday! Like the new updated site....
Message By : Adam Burrett
Date : 7th October 2010
Message : Isn't this a great site!!!!!!!

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